Need Art or want to learn how to make your own? We do it all here.

B1C6DEA8-05F4-4801-8004-F2FDACD4722AHello my name is Danielle Rimbert and I am here to share my ideas and inspiration with you!



I offer 20+ years of experience and a wide variety of art services such as designing and painting Custom murals, signage or window splashes to drawing in pencil or pen and ink Or painting for logos, and t-shirt design to portraits, cartoons, comics, coloring books, art shows and more. img_20190917_151658841_hdr




I also teach and host painting work shops


Rimbert Illustration travels all over The Puget Sound in  WA. State. We partner with local businesses,  market and host  art events for large and small venues. You can find our  monthly event schedule on facebook or message us  to schedule an event for your group!

Rimbert Illustration believes in fostering community and promoting and supporting the creation of original art in a laid back environment where we can encourage personal growth and positive outlets built thru  creativity and expression.


Fun for all ages and abilities!


Choose from our large collection of paint themes and you can also choose to host a private event in the comfort of your own house or office. We make everything easy. Minimal set up or clean up is necessary. We take care of it all for you.

Great for company team building exercises and family gatherings like birthdays, showers, reunions and more.

Email for booking or message our Facebook page

*We ask for a minimum of 10 guests and 2 weeks notice for private events.


Currently offering murals/windows/graphic design/paint commissions and remote painting options thru Patreon, ZOOM and Facebook Live. Custom paint kits also available  for purchase.

6 thoughts on “Need Art or want to learn how to make your own? We do it all here.

  1. I’ve taken a few of Danielle’s classes. Both at her” place “ and a bar. Even if you think you have no natural talent ? Go to her class !!! It’s so fun ! She gives incredible lessons !!! I promise you’ll be happy with your painting !!! Just go!!! Bring friends too. They’ll be happy you did invite them!!! It’s a great private birthday party , special occasion, someone who has everything, hasn’t done this !!! You’ll have such a great time !!! Plus if you’ve ever thought you’d like a mural inside your house or on the side of your barn , this is the lady to do it !!! Hire locally !!! She has incredible talent and she’s willing to share it with you !!! Just GO !!!

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  2. Hi I contacted you a couple months ago..looking for sunflowers to be painted on the side of my you have some samples, thank you,your work is stunning.


    1. Hello Sherri and thank you for your inquiry. Can you send me an image of your shed please and approximate measurements. Texting me is the best way to catch me. Y number is 3605360681 Thanks Danielle


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